Colourful baby tooth fillings

For the coolest kids!


Do baby teeth decay?

As the structure of baby teeth different from permanent teeth, tooth decay spreads more rapidly in the baby dentition. Decayed baby teeth can pose a threat to the newly erupted permanent teeth as well. Neglected tooth decay in baby teeth can lead to significant pain similar to that of permanent teeth, so it is crucial to fill baby teeth with fillings as well.

How is filling done for baby teeth?

During the filling of baby teeth, the decayed area is removed with a dental drill or a special hand instrument. The filling material is placed in the cavity created in the tooth, which is then hardened with the help of a photopolymerization lamp in the case of colored tooth fillings.

8 different colors

Twinky Star® colored, glittery filling material has been specifically developed for children in eight cheerful colors. By offering the option of color choice, we can engage our young patients even more in the process of their treatment. It can also encourage hesitant children to choose the color of their filling. We provide a six-month guarantee for colored baby tooth fillings.

At this age

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