Consultation, check-up and introducing children to the realm of pediatric dentistry gradually

Painless Pediatric Dental Assessment in a Friendly Environment for the Health of the Little Ones’ Teeth.

We look into the child’s mouth

During the consultation, the doctor gets acquainted with the children, parents, or accompanying individuals. We interview them about the complaints they have come to us with. Before starting anything, we show them our instruments so that the young patient knows exactly that there is nothing to fear when the treatment begins. If the trust is established, we examine the teeth one by one. During the consultation, with the help of an oral camera, we can show parents initial tooth decay on a large screen. At the end of the consultation, the pediatric dentist explains in detail what they have observed and what intervention they consider necessary. If the parents decide – and there is enough time left for treatment – we immediately begin, otherwise, we schedule a new appointment as soon as possible.

Introducing children to the realm of pediatric dentistry gradually

Reaching the trust of children is our top priority, which is why we aim to captivate them as soon as they step into the clinic. The first sight that greets them is a genuine playground filled with toys and fairy tales.

Creating a colorful, cheerful, and welcoming environment is our goal to establish a safe atmosphere where our young patients truly feel at home. During the introduction, we show the children around the clinic, let them have a lift with the chair, go through every step of proper oral hygiene, and finally, after a successful examination, they can receive a bravery certificate and choose a gift. With this preparation, we lay the foundation for their sense of security in the dental chair, so they won’t dread dental visits for the rest of their lives.

The first examination is recommended when the first teeth appear, but it should be done by the age of 1 at the latest, before any problems arise.

At this age

it's worthwhile to bring your little one.