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Manó Dental Pediatric Dentistry


are the guardians of wide children's smiles.

The Manó Dental pediatric dentistry was founded in 2020 with the goal of creating a high-quality professional community where everyone works every day – from receptionists to dental assistants to pediatric dentists – to ensure that the children (and of course their parents) visiting us feel safe from the moment they step into our clinic.

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To create a reassuring environment, it is essential to have an atmosphere that is inviting for children as well. That’s why we designed our entire clinic to be colorful and playful, so that any possible apprehension by the children disappears as soon as they enter our clinic, and they are happy to come back next time because they felt comfortable with us.

Oral hygiene treatment, dental scaling, polishing

We establish healthy oral hygiene practices, prevent tooth decay and gum problems.

Treatment of tooth decay

Treating childhood tooth decay: Protecting little ones' smiles with quick, painless methods.

Root canal treatment

Pediatric root canal treatment: Saving damaged teeth with painless methods. Safe, fast, and effective treatment.

Icon dental treatment

The ICON infiltration technique can be effective for the treatment of enamel defects or caries up to the enamel-dentin interface.

Tooth extraction

Milk tooth extraction: A quick, painless procedure for the sake of the child's healthy dental alignment.

Orthodontic treatment

Whether it's about the appearance of the first baby teeth or the alignment of permanent teeth, your little one is in the best hands with us!


is it worth coming to Manó Dental?

Whether it’s about the appearance of your child’s first teeth or the orthodontic treatment of permanent teeth, your child is in the best hands with us!
If there’s an issue with your child’s small teeth or you simply want to prevent problems, schedule an appointment with our pediatric dentistry!
Remember! Prevention is key! We’re waiting for you in Budapest, in the 13th district!
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At this age

it's worthwhile to bring your little one.

We recommend the first dental visit by the age of 1. At this time, we do a full mouth examination, check the condition of the teeth, and make sure everything is developing properly. We also teach parents how to take care of their children’s teeth and they can learn the proper brushing technique. And we answer all questions that may arise, while the little ones can get acquainted with the dental clinic, experience what it’s like to sit in the dentist’s chair, and leave with good experiences.
Of course, in fact, parents can provide huge support to the children during treatment. For little ones, you can even sit together in the dental chair, encouraging them! However, we would like to ask that only one parent accompanies the child into the treatment room. Thank you for your understanding!
Yes, Dr. Nóra Tábori, orthodontist, welcomes her little patients for orthodontic treatment. However, we ask you to get a panoramic x-ray done before the first consultation. Our colleagues can provide assistance over the phone on where to have these done, so feel free to call them! Please refrain from eating 3 hours before the orthodontic appointment.
No, in most cases, there’s no need for an injection. When we do give one, we apply a fruity-flavored numbing gel before the injection to numb the mucosa so the child won’t feel it. However, it might feel a bit tight, which can be uncomfortable. After the treatment, while the effects of anesthesia goes off, please ensure your child doesn’t eat or bite their mouth or tongue. They can drink without any problem.
Teeth should be brushed at least twice a day. Ideal times are after breakfast and before bedtime. Until children can eat with a knife and fork, we need to help them with brushing!
Milk teeth can deteriorate much faster than permanent teeth, so it’s advisable to visit the dentist at least every 6 months, but when your child has an undergoing treatment, we suggest to take a visit in every 3 months.
Our pediatric dental clinic is located in the heart of the 13th district in Budapest, halfway between the Dózsa György út and Göncz Árpád City Center metro stops, not far from the Danube, at the bottom of a newly built residential park. Our exact address is 1138 Budapest, Viza Street. 9/A and the entrance will be from the Tom Lantos sétány.

We accept cash, credit/debit cards, and health savings account cards at our clinic. If you prefer to pay with an HSA card, please note that we accept the following: MKB, IZYS, PRÉMIUM, PATIKA, ÚJPILLÉR, OTP, GENERALI, VASUTAS, VITAMIN.”


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