Treatment of tooth decay

Treatment of childhood tooth decay: Protect your little one’s smile with quick, painless methods.


Causes of tooth decay

Childhood tooth decay is a complex problem that can stem from a combination of various factors. Among the most common causes are inadequate oral hygiene and the consumption of sugary, acidic foods, and drinks. These factors collectively contribute to tooth damage, which can lead to decay even at a very young age.

Neglecting regular tooth brushing, avoiding the use of proper dental care tools, and lack of routine dental check-ups can create an ideal environment for harmful bacteria to thrive. These bacteria produce acid, which erodes tooth enamel, thus promoting the development of tooth decay.

What can be done to prevent tooth decay?

The fissure of the molars are particularly prone to plaque buildup due to their shape and difficulty in cleaning, making them highly susceptible to tooth decay. Therefore, as a preventive measure, fissural sealing are applied to these teeth. During the treatment, a liquid sealant material is placed into the deep fissure, where it spreads out, then it is hardened with a special blue light. This provides adequate protection against tooth decay for these teeth as well.


Treatment of tooth decay in childhood

Our pediatric dentists not only treat cavities in permanent teeth but also in baby teeth with fillings, as a cavity in a baby tooth can pose a risk to the newly erupting permanent teeth. Neglected tooth decay in baby teeth can cause serious pain similar to that of permanent teeth, and moreover, the structure of baby teeth differs from permanent teeth, so decay spreads more rapidly in baby teeth. Therefore, it is very important to fill baby teeth with fillings as well.

How do we do it?

During the filling procedure, we remove the affected decayed area using a dental drill or a special hand instrument. We place the filling material in the cavity created in the tooth, which is then hardened using either self-curing or light-cured methods. The durability of the filling is influenced by how diligently the young patient cleans their teeth and their oral hygiene practices, so it is also important to establish proper oral care and brushing routines from this perspective.

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