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Who We Are?

The Manó Dental pediatric dentistry was founded in 2020 with the goal of creating a high-quality professional community where everyone works every day – from receptionists to dental assistants to pediatric dentists – to ensure that the children (and of course their parents) visiting us feel safe from the moment they step into our clinic. Based on our many years of experience in dentistry, we know that successful treatment is not only the result of high-level medical work, but also of exceptional teamwork that is indispensable for this. Therefore, We work only with professionals who not only have a high level of knowledge and practice, but also love what they do. Our specialists find common ground with the children and teenagers, and their profession is healing.

To create a reassuring environment, it is essential to have an atmosphere that is inviting for children as well. That’s why we designed our entire clinic to be colorful and playful, so that any possible apprehension by the children disappears as soon as they enter our clinic, and they are happy to come back next time because they felt comfortable with us.


The team at Manó Dental ensures professional and high-quality care for its patients with the most modern equipment and tools, as well as the best quality dental materials. For any dental problem, whether it’s the appearance of the first teeth, permanent teeth or orthodontics, we warmly welcome your child because prevention is the most important!

Petrus Edina & Zelki Soma

Owners, CEOs

Manó Dental

Our pediatric dentists


Dr. Flóra Döngölő

Pediatric Dental Specialist, Medical Professional Director

I graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at Semmelweis University in 2017. After that, I began my specialist training in pediatric dentistry at the Department of Pediatric Dentistry and Oral Surgery at Semmelweis University. There, in a short period of time, I gained extensive experience and became familiar with not only pediatric dentistry but also various areas of general dentistry. Gaining the trust of children is an integral part of my work in pediatric dentistry, and I enthusiastically and effortlessly work on it every day using playful and relaxed communication techniques. In addition to pediatric dental treatments, my interest lies in endodontics. I continuously develop my knowledge through further training and reading professional literature. I believe that working with children is a very important branch of dentistry, and the highest level of care for children can only be ensured by specially trained professionals.

Dr. Nóra Szala

Pediatric Dental Specialist, Medical Professional Director

I obtained my dental degree from the University of Debrecen, and I began my career in Budapest. Initially, my professional focus was on adult patients, particularly in the areas of aesthetics, full mouth rehabilitation, and dental prosthetics. However, early in my career, I realized that providing care for children presents the greatest and most complex professional challenge. It requires not only advanced psychological knowledge but also the most precise manual skills, performed as quickly as possible and tailored to each age group. Therefore, I chose pediatric dentistry as my official specialty, and I passed my specialist examination with distinction at Semmelweis University, particularly recognized for my own methods within the psychology of pediatric dentistry. As a specialist, my goal is to ensure a perfect smile for every patient, regardless of age. With several years of experience, I apply various fields of dentistry, including aesthetics, conservative dentistry, trauma management, oral surgery, correction of developmental defects with implants or orthodontics, dental prosthetics, and more. My aim is to plan and maintain the integrity and beauty of my young patients’ smiles in the long term, providing necessary prevention and treatment from their preschool years to their retirement age. I enjoy conversing with my young patients, getting to know them, discussing current stories or even teenage issues, and I believe that together, we can overcome the fear of the “scary dentist” at Manó Dental.

Dr. Nóra Tábori

Orthodontist, Pediatric Dental Specialist

I graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at Semmelweis University. I have been working in the field for decades, initially practicing both pediatric and adult dentistry. Over the years spent in pediatric dentistry practice, I encountered more and more cases requiring orthodontic treatment. Therefore, I found it practical to obtain a specialization in orthodontics alongside pediatric dentistry. I obtained this specialization through training at Semmelweis University as well. Today, the majority of my patients require orthodontic treatment. I am proud to pursue this beautiful and creative profession.

Dr. Nikolett Sebestyén

Pediatric Dentist, Orthodontic Resident

I obtained my dental degree from Semmelweis University. In my childhood, I would probably have laughed heartily if someone had told me that as an adult, a dental clinic would be a place where I feel comfortable and enjoy being. Yet, years later, I can hardly wait to bring healthy and beautiful smiles to the faces of both children and adults alike. I love seeing how easy it is to make various treatments understandable, exciting, and enjoyable for children due to their curiosity. Creating a friendly atmosphere during our meetings helps ensure that the treatment ends quickly and positively for both younger and older patients. For a child who may initially be shy, visiting the dentist can become a natural and comfortable activity, thus laying the foundation for the health of their permanent teeth. I want children who visit us to grow up fearlessly and regularly visit their dentist due to their childhood experiences. In addition to caring for children’s teeth, I also provide conservative dental and prosthetic treatments for adult patients.

Dr. Nauzika Petyerák

Pediatric Dentist

My decision to pursue dentistry was sparked by a childhood experience. When I was young, I was afraid of dental check-ups, but it became clear relatively early on that I needed braces. However, the atmosphere at the orthodontic clinic where I received my braces was so friendly that all my fears quickly disappeared, and I grew to enjoy the treatments. It was then that I decided I wanted to become a dentist myself. I obtained my degree from Semmelweis University. During my studies, my focus shifted towards pediatric dentistry. As a child, I often felt afraid in dental clinics; the noises, tools, and equipment can be daunting for a young child. That’s why I believe it’s important in my work to show and explain everything to the little ones so they can see and understand why the intervention is necessary. This approach allows me to start treatments with them in a much more relaxed and cooperative manner. The first dental experience is always crucial in a child’s life, which is why I place special emphasis on the first encounter and building trust. Positive experiences in the clinic help motivate children to take care of their teeth at home and understand the importance of oral hygiene from an early age.

Dr. Gerle Jakab

Pediatric Dental Specialist

I obtained my dental degree from Semmelweis University, and in the same year, I was accepted into the Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery Teaching Institute at the university, where I am currently a resident specializing in pediatric dentistry. I consider myself fortunate to have gained a wealth of experience in both pediatric dentistry and general dentistry during my time there. Growing up alongside three younger siblings, it became clear to me from my high school years that I wanted to work with children as an adult. I enjoy working with both younger and older patients. It brings me joy to see them bravely sit in the dental chair after any initial uncertainty or fear. Therefore, with patience, conversation, and by explaining and showing them things that may seem scary at first, I strive to earn the trust of my young patients. Alongside creating a friendly atmosphere, my goal is to maintain precise work and continuously improve my professional skills and experience.

Dr. Írisz Barbara Naár

Pediatric Dentist

I obtained my degree from the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Szeged. With all my knowledge, I strive to provide the best possible care to my patients, which I believe is based on meticulous, evidence-based dentistry, and successful dentist-patient communication. At the beginning of my career, the majority of my patients were adults, but over time – honored by their trust – they also brought their children and grandchildren. It brings me great joy that these parents and grandparents shared their positive experiences with the children’s classmates’ parents, thus increasing the number of my pediatric patients. In my opinion, kindness, patience, and empathy facilitate cooperation and create a fear-free environment in all age groups. It is important for me to instill and normalize proper dental care, fear-free dental visits every six months, and dental check-ups from childhood. My goal is to turn dental visits for children and slightly older ones into cheerful and smiley experiences rather than scary and tearful ones.

Dr. Zsófia Czirkl

Pediatric Dental Specialist

I obtained my dental degree from Semmelweis University in 2019, and I began my specialization training in pediatric dentistry at the Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery Teaching Institute of Semmelweis University. Additionally, I participate in providing dental care for children with special educational needs, both at the Pető Institute and at Bethesda Children’s Hospital. I always strive to provide personalized care to my patients, tailored to their specific needs. Furthermore, I consider health education and promoting proper oral hygiene to be of utmost importance. My greatest joy comes from being able to alleviate dental-related anxiety in children and working together towards achieving beautiful and healthy teeth.

Dr. Réka Beinschróth

Pediatric Dentist

I obtained my dental degree at Semmelweis University. During my childhood, I spent years undergoing orthodontic treatment, where each session took place in a very friendly and cheerful atmosphere that I immediately fell in love with. So, when the time came to choose a career path, there was no question about which direction to take. The world of pediatric dentistry captivated me during my university years; I always admired the genuine curiosity and bravery of children during treatments. Later on, many of my adult patients shared their unpleasant childhood dental experiences and the resulting anxiety they developed. Therefore, it became particularly important to me that the treatment of young patients concludes as a positive experience, so that they can visit their dentist without fear as adults. To achieve this, during treatments, I always strive to create the cheerful atmosphere that I experienced as a child.

Dr. Nóra Marczi

Pediatric Dentist

I obtained my dental degree from Semmelweis University, and afterwards, I began working as a pediatric dentistry resident at the Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery Teaching Institute. While I always knew I wanted to be a dentist, it never occurred to me initially that I would want to work with children. However, during my university years, it became clear to me that working with them is entirely different in dentistry, and this specialization resonated with me the most. I consider prevention and joint attention to children’s oral health to be very important. It is always a great experience to see a fearful child trembling when they first come into the clinic, and after a few sessions, they come in as if it were their favorite place. I always try to show and explain everything so that they are not taken by surprise by any intervention. Effective treatment requires good cooperation with the little ones, thus creating the appropriate, friendly atmosphere. I believe continuous professional development is essential, and my goal is to turn my young patients into health-conscious adults. I believe that dentistry can be cheerful, and it can be a fairy tale world and a good experience even for the youngest ones.
Manó Dental

our team


Alexandra Molnár-Albert

Dental Assistant, Dental Hygienist

I have been working in dentistry for nearly 10 years, both as a dental assistant and a dental hygienist. I have always had a passion for working with children. I was thrilled to join such a fantastic team as Manó Dental. My goal is always to ensure that our young patients leave their appointments feeling relaxed and free of fear. With my cheerful and lively nature, I aim to alleviate any tension the little ones may feel. I have plenty of experience in this area, as I am also a mother of two young children. Spending my free time with them fills me with joy and energy.

Edina Gáncs

Dental Assistant, Dental Hygienist

I obtained my qualifications as a dental assistant and dental hygienist 18 years ago. Since then, I have been working in this profession with great joy and dedication. Until now, I have mainly assisted in adult dental clinics, motivating patients to understand and prioritize good oral hygiene. Over time, my heart has increasingly turned towards working with children, as evidenced by my recent certification as a preschool caregiver. It brings me great joy to help the little ones overcome their fears and ensure successful treatment here at this clinic.

Nóra Motyovszki

front office assistant

Around the turn of the millennium, I worked as a flight attendant for nearly a decade and a half at Malév. During this time, I had the opportunity to travel to numerous places from New York to Bangkok. Besides seeing the world, I gained experiences that I can perfectly utilize at Manó Dental as well. Just as I helped passengers overcome their anxieties during flights, I can also assist children who come to us. It always fills me with immense happiness when the more apprehensive children arrive at my reception desk after a treatment, smiling and clutching their bravery certificates. As a mother of two adorable daughters, I easily connect with children. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, running, and walking our dog, Nina.

Jóni Ivett

front office assistant

I’ve actually always worked in this position; I initially loved working at hotel receptions. It’s an extremely responsible role because I am the first impression of the clinic for the little patients and their parents. That’s why I do everything to create a positive atmosphere from the very first moment with my always smiling personality. In my free time, I love cooking, baking, and hanging out with my friends. Additionally, I enjoy learning languages; I speak English and Spanish fluently.

Petrus Panni

front office assistant

I was practically born into the dental world as my mother has always worked in dentistry, so it feels like a completely natural environment to me. I love the clean, sterile smell of the clinic and the hustle and bustle of the entire team working together to ensure everything runs smoothly. I am very happy that as an adult, I can now contribute to the everyday life of this fantastic pediatric dentistry practice. During my childhood, I had braces, which I enjoyed wearing because it made me feel cool, and the end result was fantastic as well. In our family, we have two little children with whom I regularly play. I thoroughly enjoy every moment spent with them. Love for children runs in our family, so it’s no surprise that when the opportunity arose to work here, it was unquestionably the right place for me. Besides children, I also love animals; two Chow-chows and two dwarf rabbits eagerly await me at home every day.


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