Trainer appliance

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What is a trainer appliance?

Trainers are comfortable, colorful, soft-flexible appliances designed to assist our young patients in the proper development of their jawbones and in breaking bad habits (such as thumb sucking, prolonged pacifier use) and eliminating other parafunctions (like mouth breathing, abnormal swallowing patterns, teeth grinding) – which play a significant role in the development of the face, jawbones, teeth, and in the occurrence and maintenance of bite and speech development disorders.

How does the trainer appliance work?

Mechanism of action: By utilizing natural muscle strength, the device changes neural regulation, thus influencing the development of jawbones through the functional dynamics of the muscles around the mouth, the resting position of the tongue, the exertion of force during function, and the dynamic balance of preferred nasal breathing. Early application helps children develop correct chewing and swallowing habits, improving breathing patterns.


The benefits of Trainer appliance

An additional advantage is that it can be used from as early as 2.5-3 years of age. Thus, by replacing the pacifier with the appliance at a young age, children can easily adapt to it, initiating their so-called “orthodontic treatment”, while removable appliances (commonly known as nightguards for many) can only be started in elementary school age. Normalizing breathing leads to calmer, more restful sleep at night, children receive oxygen-rich air to their brains, school performance increases, and behavioral problems resulting from sleep deprivation decrease. It also has a positive effect on head and body posture.

Early intervention also positively shapes children’s self-image (holistic approach). It aligns teeth, maintains the tongue in the correct position, and optimally functions the muscles around the mouth. It helps release excessive muscle tension in childhood and adulthood. With appropriate intensity of trainer wear and periodic replacement of appliances according to age and bite, the need for later orthodontic treatment can be avoided!

From what age can the trainer device be used?

Different types and sizes within the trainer family allow for the treatment of various discrepancies from early childhood to the end of adolescence. We recommend it for both young children and older ones, specialized to age and specific issues.

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What results can be achieved by using the trainer appliance?

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