Important informations


…because the big ones are already arriving confidently and bravely. 🙂

Before the first visit:

Before the appointment, it’s important to talk at home with the little ones using only positive, encouraging words. Prepare the little ones so they know where they are going to, but be careful to avoid unsettling words like pain, fear. If they hear “it won’t hurt”, “there’s nothing to be afraid of”, they may unintentionally associate it with something bad will happen, which can cause anxiety. Instead, say something like “the kind dentist lady will examine your beautiful teeth!”. Starting the conversation gives them the opportunity to ask questions if they are able to. We believe in always being honest with children because they are special people and deserve special care.


Tips for the more timid little ones to make the first visit a great experience:
Role-playing can greatly help with preparation at home. There are many great games available to play dentist treatment at home. But if you don’t want to spend on this, just grab a mask, a pair of rubber gloves, a couple of chopsticks, and let the game begin!
In addition, our website is filled with colorful photos, videos to help bring the atmosphere of our clinic closer to the children. Follow us on our Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok channels, where you’ll find plenty of fun, musical, educational content.
There are also great stories and readings on dental topics that can pique children’s interest. Two personal recommendations: Peppa Pig’s dental episode, and Bori at the dentist’s.
Many people wouldn’t think how important choosing the right time slot is. Especially for younger children, our experience shows that they are much fresher, more energetic, and sharper in the morning hours, so they respond better to treatment. For more timid or very young children, if possible, choose a morning appointment.

During the first visit:

Remain relaxed and encouraging throughout because the little ones will sense if you’re calm, and this feeling will transfer to them too.

Please arrive on time for the appointment. If it’s your first time with us, we’ll give you a little form to fill out with your child’s details. During this time, they can relax in our play corner. You’ll see that our walls are filled with brave little heroes. Feel free to show them to your kids so they can see there’s nothing to fear. After the treatment, if you’d like, you can also get your child’s picture on our pride wall.

If you arrive by car, you can park at Párkány utca no. 23. at the closest, but it’s important: it’s a paid zone! Parking code: 0138. We provide tooth brushing facilities at the clinic, and if necessary, you can have disposable toothbrushes and toothpaste. We warmly welcome the whole family to the clinic, but we kindly ask you to only one parent accompany the children into the treatment room.


Thank you for your understanding!

For children coming for braces, we ask that you refrain from eating three hours before the treatment!
Please bring your phone to the treatment room in silent mode and try not to use it. Children need your constant support.

For the first time, we do a full mouth examination, then we discuss the necessary treatments together the parents. We can even show you tiny cavities in your kid’s mouth that are hardly visible to the naked eye on a big screen with an oral camera. And if there’s enough time left, we’ll start the process too.
We’ll be cheerful, positive, and encouraging throughout the treatment.

After the first visit:

Brave little ones can choose a gift, and if they’ve been very good, they might even get a certificate!

You can pay the examination fee at the reception with cash, credit card, or health insurance card. (If you want to pay with an insurance card, please note that we accept the followings: MKB, IZYS, PRÉMIUM, PATIKA, ÚJPILLÉR, OTP, GENERALI, VASUTAS, VIATMIN).

Next appointment:

We suggest to book your the next appointment immediately as places fill up quickly. If you have no further things to do, we can set up a reminder SMS to follow you up of the next scheduled check-up in 3 or 6 months.

At home:

It’s worth continuing the positive conversations about dental visits at home so that the little ones will come happily next time, thus maintaining the perfect health of their teeth in the long run.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us!

We recommend the first dental visit by the age of 1. At this time, we do a full mouth examination, check the condition of the teeth, and make sure everything is developing properly. We also teach parents how to take care of their children’s teeth and they can learn the proper brushing technique. And we answer all questions that may arise, while the little ones can get acquainted with the dental clinic, experience what it’s like to sit in the dentist’s chair, and leave with good experiences.
Of course, in fact, parents can provide huge support to the children during treatment. For little ones, you can even sit together in the dental chair, encouraging them! However, we would like to ask that only one parent accompanies the child into the treatment room. Thank you for your understanding!
Yes, Dr. Nóra Tábori, orthodontist, welcomes her little patients for orthodontic treatment. However, we ask you to get a panoramic x-ray done before the first consultation. Our colleagues can provide assistance over the phone on where to have these done, so feel free to call them! Please refrain from eating 3 hours before the orthodontic appointment.
No, in most cases, there’s no need for an injection. When we do give one, we apply a fruity-flavored numbing gel before the injection to numb the mucosa so the child won’t feel it. However, it might feel a bit tight, which can be uncomfortable. After the treatment, while the effects of anesthesia goes off, please ensure your child doesn’t eat or bite their mouth or tongue. They can drink without any problem.
Teeth should be brushed at least twice a day. Ideal times are after breakfast and before bedtime. Until children can eat with a knife and fork, we need to help them with brushing!
Milk teeth can deteriorate much faster than permanent teeth, so it’s advisable to visit the dentist at least every 6 months, but when your child has an undergoing treatment, we suggest to take a visit in every 3 months.
Our pediatric dental clinic is located in the heart of the 13th district in Budapest, halfway between the Dózsa György út and Göncz Árpád City Center metro stops, not far from the Danube, at the bottom of a newly built residential park. Our exact address is 1138 Budapest, Viza Street. 9/A and the entrance will be from the Tom Lantos sétány.

We accept cash, credit/debit cards, and health savings account cards at our clinic. If you prefer to pay with an HSA card, please note that we accept the following: MKB, IZYS, PRÉMIUM, PATIKA, ÚJPILLÉR, OTP, GENERALI, VASUTAS, VITAMIN.”