Whether it’s about the appearance of the first teeth or the alignment of permanent teeth, your child is in the best hands with us!


When is it recommended to start orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontics should be started when the teeth are in the wrong position or the jawbones have not developed properly. Even from a very young age, we can use a so-called trainer orthodontic appliance when there are only baby teeth in the mouth. This appliance helps in breaking bad habits such as thumb sucking, prolonged pacifier use, and other parafunctional habits like mouth breathing, abnormal swallowing patterns, and teeth grinding.


When children have a mix of baby and permanent teeth in their mouths (typically between the ages of 6-12 years), we usually use removable orthodontic appliances. Fixed braces are used when permanent teeth have already taken their places in the oral cavity.

Why is orthodontic treatment important for children?

In addition to aesthetic problems, abnormal teeth and jaws can cause jaw joint complaints, and can also be responsible for incorrect voice production and psychological problems. Proper orthodontic treatment started in time can restore the aesthetics of the face, as well as enable correct chewing and talking.


Before orthodontic treatment:

Proper oral hygiene and a healthy, decay-free dentition are prerequisites for orthodontic treatment. Therefore, it may often be necessary to undergo other dental treatments before starting orthodontic therapy.

Types of orthodontic appliances

There are several types of appliances to choose from. There are removable appliances, as well as fixed braces. With fixed braces, the normal metal type is easier to clean, thus maintaining proper oral hygiene is simpler. Additionally, there are self-ligating aesthetic braces available, which can shorten the duration of treatment. Moreover, in our clinic, you also have the option to choose ceramic braces, known as aesthetic, invisible, or clear braces.

Procedure of orthodontic treatment

Following the initiation of treatment, depending on the type of appliance, patients typically need to come in for activation every 4-6 weeks, and the entire treatment duration typically lasts around 2-2.5 years. The orthodontist evaluates each case, devises a plan, and initiates a personalized, optimal treatment. Therefore, the selection of the appliance, the frequency of follow-up appointments, and the duration of treatment all depend on individual cases.

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