Icon dental treatment

Say goodbye to white spotted teeth without drilling and loss of tooth tissue!

Why are there white spots on the teeth?

The appearance of white spots on the tooth surface is often the first sign of decay. This can be due to difficulty in cleaning caused by fixed orthodontic treatment or incorrect brushing techniques, affecting both younger and older children alike.

What is the Icon dental treatment?

The ICON caries infiltrative technique belongs to the realm of non-invasive, painless treatments.


The mechanism of action is based on utilizing the capillary effect. After preparing and conditioning the tooth surface, a liquid, light-curing special resin material is introduced into the decayed/damaged layers of the tooth or onto the weakened enamel area (e.g., in the case of spotted teeth), sealing and filling these porous layers hermetically.
Following the application of materials, the newly “filled” tooth surface is refined using fine polishing brushes and disks. By the end of the treatment, the treated tooth’s refraction of light and color can become indistinguishable from a healthy tooth.


What is the purpose of the Icon treatment?

Certain cases of fluorosis, discolorations, enamel defects caused by injuries, incipient carious lesions, and remnants of enamel demineralization left after fixed orthodontic treatment can be successfully treated.

From what age can the Icon treatment be used?

The treatment can be performed on both baby and permanent teeth.Because this therapeutic method is gentle, aesthetic, and painless, we confidently recommend it to individuals of all ages!
The ICON infiltrative technique can be effective in treating enamel defects and cavities extending to the enamel-dentin junction; thus, prior assessment and accurate diagnosis are necessary before treatment. Feel free to contact our specialist orthodontist with confidence!
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